Welcome to the Troll's Bridge Campaign

Troll's Bridge is one of the newest town in The Almebezbikian Empire.  It was founded by many of the survivors from The City-State of Walton that was lost in a recent cataclysm.

The campaign begins just before the 7th anniversary of the collapse of the Mount of Walls on which stood the great metropolis of Walton.  Several events occur in the short time before the anniversary and during the anniversary:
  • The walls of Troll's Bridge are completed (erected in several months by unknown parties).
  • Several invasions of tavern cellars by orcs, one of which resulted in the death of Zenda the Halfling Bard, the owner of The Smoking Pipe.
  • The return of Elgin Tarcik the Guardian of Troll's Bridge, a paladin rumored to have fallen, but apparently redeemed.
  • Baron Horatio Donamal unseated as mayor by the Town Council, who take over the government of Troll's Bridge.
In western Tanglewood, Troll's Bridge primarily occupies the northeast corner where the Almebezbik (east-west) and Walton (north-south) Rivers crossed and spills into the southeast corner after crossing the natural land-bridge that spans the Almebezbik River just east of the Walton River.

  • The Heroes
  • Characters
    • Aurmax the Astounding
    • Elgin Tarcik the Paladin
    • Ksirb Emitae the Ancient Elven Vampire
    • Manitowoc the Rogue
  • Plots
    • Helping the ghost of Zenda move on
    • Intrigues in Troll's Bridge
    • Where is and what happened to Manty?
    • What is with the elven vampire?
    • The backwards-aging archmage
  • Settings
    • The Town of Troll's Bridge
    • Tanglewood
    • The Town of Rebelton
    • The Crater and The Floating Tower
    • The Castle of the Canyon Guardian
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