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Alric is not willing to help Aurmax, so he leaves the tower.  The others are intrigued and get as much information from Aurmax as they can before setting out on the quest he has set before them.

Adventure V – The Leprechaun Bus


Aurmax helps identify his phylactery as much as he can. The heroes leave the tower to continue their quest to find Manty and start the search for the phylactery. Their search will first take them to the Castle of the Canyon Guardian.



The Leprechaun Bus


Alora Talrocan, Female human transmuter 2

Chartreuse MacStride, Female human wizard 2

Hurley, Male halfling bard 2


The Leprechaun Bus

Plot Complication

As the heroes leave the tower, saying their farewells, they suddenly realize they are standing in the middle of a hedge. It's quickly apparent that they are on the Leprechaun Bus.

Rising Action

The heroes find the portal into a castle courtyard. They converse with Eddy, an old two-headed giant of some kind, kept in a dungeon. They enter the castle proper and discover a bath filled with healing water. The next room contains a fountain flowing with elixir of love. Through the next door is a room containing evenly spaced pillars. An undead shadow dwells here.


Entering the room at the back of the castle, the heroes find two dozen leprechauns around and on top of an enormous table with a map of the continent on it. One of the leprechauns is flying above the table carrying a model of a hedge. As he descends, the hedge grows smaller and apparently heavier. The leprechaun crashes onto the table top. The leprechaun elder allows one of the heroes to drive and try to get to a desired location.


After several attempts to land near the Castle of the Canyon Guardian, the leprechaun elder informs the driver of the group that they can return to where they started by clearing their mind. After a couple of attempts at doing this they return to the entrance to the tower in Rebelton.

Besides the knowledge of the Leprechaun Bus, the group came away with a Small waterskin and a Medium waterskin full of healing water from the bath in the castle.  Each four ounces of this liquid acts as a potion of cure light wounds.  They have 20 doses between the two waterskins.