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Letters of Elrond

Sent on the 24th day of Methyltina, 130

Using bluff of +7 to hide that the tome referred to is hidden in the library,  and the location of its hiding place in the library. --Written in Ancient Elven


I am writing to inform you of some new developments in my quest.  My journey has taken me to the Castle of the Canyon Guardian, and the vast libraries there.  Deep in the catacombs I uncovered knowledge of our people from long ago.  To our misfortune I had to destroy that knowledge, lest it fall into the hands of the Drow.  An alliance of Drow, Lotashians, and Fivtorians attacked the Castle and captured myself and my companions.  Luckily we were able to escape.  I believe to know why the Lotashians are after us, but haven't yet discerned why the Drow and Fivtorians are.  Until I can discover the motive for these events it is unsafe for me to continue on my path, directly.  If history has taught us anything, misdirection is the key.  In addition, Ksrib Emitue, has revealed himself.  He knows of my path, and does not seem to be set against it, however; he is testing me to see if I am worthy of the journey I set myself upon.

I do miss home, and the days of climbing trees, while you read the geographies of the northern lands.. even getting scolded for setting things on top of your books.  Things were simpler then. 

I hope this letter finds you well, please say hello to my Mother, I still miss the smell of her cooking as it filled the archways of our home.

May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back,

Elrond Súrion