posted Mar 2, 2008, 8:10 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak
After the anniversary event at Castle Tanglewood Zuooririmystos, the company begins searching the walls for signs of Manty.

Information from Zook Nackle gave the company a direction to begin the search for evidence of Manty's fate.

The group successfully found signs that Manty was still alive as of two months ago. They decide to travel to Rebelton, as this is where Manty sent his family before the disaster.

Emitae, a 100-millennia-old elven vampire teaching Moonstraddle the ancient secrets of the duskblades, offers to escort the group to Rebelton; an extremely frightening proposition. After much debate, the group takes the vampire up on his offer.

They run into orcs of the Lightning Strike clan the first day traveling through Tanglewood. These orcs are further south than usual. Emitae obliterates most of the orcs leaving a reasonable number of orcs for the group to handle.