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Destruction On Many Levels

The few days after the incantation, interfered with by Lotashian agents, our heroes keep busy with several tasks.

Elrond spends much of his time in the History Stacks working with Maeshieta Tr'anyra researching the ancient Regalia of the Elves. Elrond allows Maeshieta to puruse the book of the Regalia recovered from the crypt below the castle.The library buys the original after supplying a copy along with the other research material Maeshieta used to verify the validity of his knowledge and the books information.  This revealed that besides The Spire of Grayholm, the last emperor of the elves before the burial of Grayholm had another palace upon the Mount of Walls.  When The Spire was drawn into the earth, the other palace and the mountain were pummeled by meteors until only a crater remained.  Millennia later, again stands a mountain, now surrounded by the great Tanglewood, with the great metropolis of Walton at its summit, when another cataclysm exposes the crater once again.  Knowledge of an Emitae implies there may still be an underground demesne to be visited in an effort the gain more information about the regalia.

In the mean time, Lotash's phylactery needs destroying.  Aisha, Freya, Char and eventually Hurley participate in this endeavor.  Using Ran's tome graciously supplied by Char to protect the local blacksmith's anvil, Aisha and Freya proceed to destroy all but one of the available hammers in the castle.  The blacksmith, having observed the properties of the phylactery, finally provides his adamantine sledge to the pair to effect the final destruction of the phylactery.  Hurley provides his musical inspiration as well.  Aisha's swing does considerable damage to the phylactery and at the same time leaves a square impression of the phylactery on the cover of the tome.  Freya's swing  causes the phylactery to explode in a radiating spread of diamond dust that causes minor damage to all present.

Derras, while trying to figure out if Aurmax's phylactery in its current state may be valuable, meets the merchant Al Gorus.  He has information for Char from her father as well as information for Freya about Lohet, who by now is in Troll's Bridge.

With Hurley's desire to return to Troll's Bridge the appease his grandmother's ghost knowing that Manty is now in his dagger and the others now with reason to travel there as well.

Before beginning their journey, Char, having learned to comprehend Ancient Elvish, requests access to the tome Elrond recovered from the crypt.  He flatly refuses in his snobbish faerie fashion, which Char finds a betrayal of the group's cooperation (she shared her tome's most powerful property during the destruction of the phylactery) and she lashes out with magic missles of force at Elrond as just recompense for his arrogance.  Elrond wisely calls Aisha off and retreats to the other inn.

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Jan 18, 2009, 9:53 AM