posted Jul 28, 2009, 8:06 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

The Seer

The research into figuring out what happened to Aurmax leads to finding a psychic solution to the problem.  Char discovers that there is a psionic way of looking back at past events by the use of a power called sensitivity to psychic impressions.

It takes some time to find out where to look for someone who can do this.  Char knows of no one in Troll's Bridge that claims to be a seer and no one can recall one at The Castle of the Canyon Guardian.  Understanding that the fortress in Towers' Heights, the largest city in the area, is inhabited by githyanki, Char figures with Hurley's knowledge confirming the possibility that they will find a seer capable of performing this service of manifesting this power in the tower to determine what happened to Aurmax.

Aisha, Char and Hurley decide to fly the magic carpet to Towers' Heights to try to find and hire a seer to bring back to Aurmax's tower in Rebelton.  Elrond remains behind to complete his recovery from the ordeal with the vampires.

Just outside Towers' Heights, a hungry griffon swoops in and attacks, but it is beaten down and made to crash onto the plains.  Some its feathers and its heart are taken by Char as arcane spell components and Aisha claims some of its meat.

Inside Towers' Heights, they are warned not to approach the fortress, but also find the seer they were hoping to find.  He agrees to return with them to Rebelton the next day.

The next day, nothing bothers the flying carpet and its passengers and they arrive at the tower unmolested.  There, the seer manifests sensitivity to psychic impressions and determines that at the time of the incantation that was meant to free Manitowoc from the vortex, Aurmax started feeling ill and was in considerable pain.  He finally lay down on his bed not able to withstand it any longer and when the vortex became trapped in his phylactery, Aurmax suddenly ceased to exist as mages destroyed prior to the cycle-ending cataclysm had, leaving behind his worldly possessions as Char had found them.

Stephen Pliska-Matyshak,
Aug 5, 2009, 11:42 AM