posted Jul 27, 2008, 6:42 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak
The group enters the Castle of the Canyon Guardian and begins to get familiar with its layout.

They settle in at the Silver Griffon Inn and inquire about Manty.  The innkeeper recognizes Manty's name and indicates that he has not been at the inn in several years, but he may stay with an old friend's family that lives here in the castle.  While the innkeeper asks around and the other order dinner, Alric visits the Shrine of the Pantheon to pay his respects to Visaria.  By the time, Alric returns, the innkeeper has an address for the group to visit.

The group decides that in the morning, they will split up.  Alric and Hurley will visit Manty's friend's family, whose patriarch and Manty's friend has recently passed away.  Alora and Char will begin some research in the unparalleled libraries of the castle.  Alora will concentrate on the castle and Char on creating magical bracers.

During Alric and Hurley's visit, they discover that Manty was there the day before and that he was planning on visiting the libraries today.  At the same time, Alora and Char enter the libraries.  They ask if an old halfling has requested access to the libraries and find that an old halfling or gnome has entered.  They head toward their respective towers to do their research.  As Char is taking the passageway to the Arcana Stacks, she notices a halfling hobbling along ahead of her.  She races after him and catches him on the spiral staircase leading down to the Arcana Stacks.  It is, in fact, Manitowoc. She introduces herself and explains that Hurley is in the vicinity looking for him.  She sends a message to the head librarian to have the group meet in the Arcana Stacks.

With the arrival the group and the assembly of the sages, a massive effort to find a solution is mounted.  After a day of research by three different libraries, an incantation is discovered that should prevent any more of Manty's extra-dimensional journeys.  One issue is that the incantation needs a lich's phylactery as a component.  The group is informed by one of the sages that there are several in the crypt that match the description that Aurmax gave for his own.

The group begins preparation to enter the crypt.