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Aisha's Journal

While curled up in a chair, Aisha holds out Nip Nip and looks at the little toy.

“You know Nip Nip I’m confused.” She takes a quick breath.

“So I got to break apart this phylactery thingy and you’d think people would realize that I’m just very strong. That hey, maybe we don’t want to insult or hurt this kitty girl, that she can break really really hard things. Oh no! They don’t think that way. They should I mean after all in the last few days I have cut someone in half without thinking, broke this hard object and put a dent into like an indestructible book and made a person into cat foody bits. So you know, Nip Nip… I wouldn’t want to upset me either.” Aisha lets out a small sigh.

“Then what happens? Why that finger wiggler has the nerve to upset Elrond, and attacks him. The best part?! It was in front of me! I mean honestly, he has a book with all the best things of his races life and tells him who he is and where he should go. I mean this is the book of books that will help him get his family back. I wouldn’t share it with anyone either. Of course Catfolk don’t use books, we live by spoken story, but Elrond’s people use books. Those books, even though they don’t have pretty pictures, mean something to him. That was rude, asking him to look at such a special book and then attack him for saying no. I should have squished her! Elrond said no and then later I found out that the cute bag I had for you was really a drugged bag. That she was drugging me to keep me calm. That’s just rude!”

“So yeah…now we are in another inn room and we have to keep a watch out because who knows who else is going to try and attack us. I mean I kind of liked those people, but since Elrond is all I have for family now, I’d take his side without thinking. Who knows maybe after a cat nap things will look better. I know I’ll have Elrond brush my hair, it always makes me happy!”