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The Travels of Elrond Súrion

Methyltina, 3rd of the 130th year of the first age in the 12th cycle

 The last few days have been interesting.  Our travels took us to a grand library, the likes of which I must say, I have never seen.  The entire castle had the ability to rotate giving it added defense against external attackers.  The amount of knowledge housed within it was astounding, I was even about to find some references to the Regalia. Of more interest than the books, was an old Halfling named Manty.  According to his story he is cursed to travel through time and space randomly.  During his travels he ran into a village of elves, within which resided an ancient elf sage that may have some information on the Regalia.  In trying to assist him in overcoming his curse, long enough to give me the villages location, I meet his companions, his grandson, a charming Halfling and a human wizard (I don't think Aisha is too fond of the wizard). 

 The quest with them took us deep into the bowls of the castle looking for a phylactery, that will be used in the ritual to anchor Manty to this time and place.  Manty's companions, while nice, seem to be a bit naive (but what can you expect from lesser races), they are determined to help their friend and grandfather, but unwilling to offend anyone in the process.  While adventuring for the phylactery Manty needed we ran into a Dwarf and a half-breed.  It is nice to finally have one of the old races with us, she also seems to be of good humor and skilled with her axe.  The Half-breed is more concerning, hopefully his Elven heritage will show through, but so far I have yet to be impressed, he doesn't seem to know his place. I will have to watch my back until I can determine if he deserves even the littlest amount of trust.

 The quest was very successful, we were able to recover the phylactery for Manty, as well as another phylactery for a lich, that isn't a lich.  (don't ask me, I was just trying to help these people out).  The greatest treasure though was an ancient tome that I found deep in the library, this tome has numerous references to the Regalia, I will need to spend some time reading this clue that fell into my lap.  Hopefully between the people that Manty knows and the tome that I found, I will gather enough clues to set me on the right path to uncovering the Regalia.  Who knows, maybe the companions I meet will be of some assistance in that quest.


Methyltina, 5th of the 130th year of the first age in the 12th cycle

We attempted the stabilization ritual of Manty yesterday, unfortunately things did not go as planned.  The Phylactery that they were to use to trap the entity plaguing him belonged to a human lich by the name of Lotash.  His agents were present for the ritual and substituted Lotash's phylactery for Auramax's.  This caused Manty to be trapped within Hurley's dagger. I am sure this will set that group off on another quest to free Manty... I might be able to use that to my advantage.

Prior to the ritual I was able to get the location of Asaval from Manty, giving me another location to search for the regalia.  Also of interest is the groups knowledge of Ksrib Emitue.  It seems that one of their number left to study the art of magic and blade under him.  If they really ran into Ksrib, this could be the break I was looking for.  Ksrib is one of the oldest of the elven kings, additionally he is a skilled archmage.  His age and power together could be the key to finding the regalia.  Hopefully his rumored vampiric nature will not be too large of a challenge to overcome. 


Methyltina, 13th of the 130th year of the first age in the 12th cycle

The last week has been fraught with boon and bane.  I have uncovered a great deal of knowledge, that may assist me in locating the Regalia.  The tome that I found below the library had a wealth of knowledge, coupled with other sources discovered while researching at the library gave me the clues to discover possible firsthand accounts of the Regalia.  I was able to get the tome and other sources of elven history collected into a single source.  I was elated at what was accomplished.  The critical pieces of elven history, relating to the Regalia all in one source, this would be a great resource to have in my travels.  Unfortunately in my hubris I forgot that this could be a great resource for anyone else seeking the Regalia.

Today I was attacked my one of my companions seeking the compiled tome.  She somehow learned ancient elven and then demanded to read the tome.  Honestly I do not know how she learned our ancient language so quickly, my only guess is magic or a gift for languages, the likes that I have never seen.  When I refused, and informed her that she was not Tel'quessir, therefore was not worthy to know our secrets, she lashed out at me with her magic.  The same spells she used against the monsters of the catacombs.  Either her lust for knowledge is such that she will go to any lengths to obtain it, including attacking those that stood with her, or she is an enemy of the Tel'quessir, and wished to use this knowledge to cause us harm.  I might need to find someone in town that can ensure that she is not under an illithid's control, as that could be another option.  After the attack I had to stop Aisha from cleaving her in to.  We were outnumbered and if she is an enemy, there might be some wisdom in keeping her alive.  It would be good to keep a close eye on her, and identify who she reports to.  One thing is certain, the book is too dangerous to keep around.  I will study what I can tonight and remove it from my person tomorrow.  It is all too obvious now that to keep it would endanger the very people I am striving to save.         


Methyltina, 24th of the 130th year of the first age in the 12th cycle

It has been some time since last I had opportunity to record my thoughts.  There has been a flurry of activity, I was able to get rid of the tome, and it looks like that was done just in the nick of time.  As while I was in the process of returning it to the library, the Castle of the Canyon Guardian was attacked by Drow, Lotashians, and Fivtorians .  The Lotashians are likely tracking us down to recover the Phylactery that we destroyed, I fear that we have a new powerful enemy in them.  The only reason that I can think of why the drow, would risk such a risky attack,  is my quest.  Somehow they must have gotten word of it and are trying to stop me, or gather the regalia for themselves.  As for the Fivtorians, I know little to nothing about them, my only assumption can be that another within our troop must have offended them.  In either case we now have three powerful groups targeting us. 

First priority now has shifted  from locating the Regalia, to diverting these groups attention from us. It does no good to recover the regalia , only to have it taken from us by one of these groups, also it is hard for me to recover it, if I am laying dead at the hands of one our enemies.  It seems they want us alive though, that might give us some room to maneuver.  I wonder if Emite is involved?

In either case it is now clear that while some of my traveling companions might be selfish and without honor, they are not agents of my enemies, for now all we can do is work together in an attempt to discover why these groups would go to such trouble to capture us.  I will write a letter to Grandfather, letting him know of the new situation and the location of the tome of knowledge I uncovered 


Methyltina, 30th of the 130th year of the first age in the 12th cycle

We have finally arrived in Trolls Bridge.  It is the largest town I have been for quite some time.  Prior to arriving in the city we dealt with some goblins.  Dispatching them can barely be considered practice, but it did reveal an interesting trait of my human companion.  It seems that she has compassion even for a creature as vile as a goblin.  She sees them as people almost, and raised quite a ruckus when I offered a goblin his life for that of his tribesmen, as if the goblin had any sense of loyalty to his companion.  Anyways… the Halfling, Hurley, again showed his worth in battle… that is one little person that I can trust to protect my back in battle.

When we arrived in Trolls Bridge, we stopped at Hurley’s families inn.  The food was actually quite good, for non-elven fare.  It seems that this Grandmother is trapped as a ghost until she can again see Mani, her husband’s body.  I have some thoughts on how we might be able to arrange it, however it might be quite expensive.  Mani and Hurley have helped me numerous times, it is the least I can do to assist them.  That and it might get me out of having to go dress shopping with Ashia.