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The Seer

The research into figuring out what happened to Aurmax leads to finding a psychic solution to the problem.  Char discovers that there is a psionic way of looking back at past events by the use of a power called sensitivity to psychic impressions.

It takes some time to find out where to look for someone who can do this.  Char knows of no one in Troll's Bridge that claims to be a seer and no one can recall one at The Castle of the Canyon Guardian.  Understanding that the fortress in Towers' Heights, the largest city in the area, is inhabited by githyanki, Char figures with Hurley's knowledge confirming the possibility that they will find a seer capable of performing this service of manifesting this power in the tower to determine what happened to Aurmax.

Aisha, Char and Hurley decide to fly the magic carpet to Towers' Heights to try to find and hire a seer to bring back to Aurmax's tower in Rebelton.  Elrond remains behind to complete his recovery from the ordeal with the vampires.

Just outside Towers' Heights, a hungry griffon swoops in and attacks, but it is beaten down and made to crash onto the plains.  Some its feathers and its heart are taken by Char as arcane spell components and Aisha claims some of its meat.

Inside Towers' Heights, they are warned not to approach the fortress, but also find the seer they were hoping to find.  He agrees to return with them to Rebelton the next day.

The next day, nothing bothers the flying carpet and its passengers and they arrive at the tower unmolested.  There, the seer manifests sensitivity to psychic impressions and determines that at the time of the incantation that was meant to free Manitowoc from the vortex, Aurmax started feeling ill and was in considerable pain.  He finally lay down on his bed not able to withstand it any longer and when the vortex became trapped in his phylactery, Aurmax suddenly ceased to exist as mages destroyed prior to the cycle-ending cataclysm had, leaving behind his worldly possessions as Char had found them.


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Sher Baig

Our heroes, having chosen a few items from the vault of Aurmax' Tower, use the magic carpet found therein to fly to The Castle of The Canyon Guardian to find help to heal Elrond's condition.

Without incident, the group makes their way to the Temple of Visaria in the castle and Elrond is healed.  They decide to stay at the castle to begin further research on releasing Manitowoc from his predicament as well as finding means to improve their equipment.

They return to the inn to collect the things the left behind during their kidnapping to find the Fivtorian that led his folk in the plot.  Aisha, having been dominated by him, immediately attacks, but is temporarily subdued by the villain.

During the conversation while Aisha is under control, the Fivtorian introduces himself as Sher Baig.  He desires to speak with the thief that stole his dagger decades ago, but of course Manitowoc now resides within it.

During the discussion, Char demands to know why the Fivtorina participated in their kidnapping.  He states that it was only business with the Drow involved and it was nothing personal.  This vexes Char who continues to press the issue as Aisha breaks free of Sher Baig's control.

Aisha destroys the table between herself and the Fivtorian before she is hypnotized by Hurley and drawn away to the bar.  At this point, Sher Baig implies he has knowledge of how to free Manitowoc.  However, annoyed himself with Aisha and Char's belligerence, he teleports away without answering any further questions.

Researchers hired at The Castle, our heroes return to Rebelton and Aurmax's Tower to do research of their own and also continue to investigate Aurmax's disappearence.


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Searching For Answers

Our heroes, discovering satisfying Zenda is going to be an even greater challenge now than before Manty's rescue, decide they need to return to Aurmax's Tower in Rebelton to begin looking for answers as to how to go about freeing Manty's body and what actually happened to Aurmax.

They spend some of their recently gained fortune and leave Troll's Bridge once more.  The journey to Rebelton has them fight off an orcish patrol with relative ease, but an attack by vampire spawn leaves Elrond drained.

Upon entering the tower, they begin with finding ways to help Elrond recover, but their efforts turn out to be fruitless.

While searching thorugh the tower and the vault, our heroes realize they have emmense wealth with which to help Elrond and continue their quest to help Zenda. During the search, they also find a portal to the Astral Plane behind a secret door in the staircase between the second and third floors of the tower.


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Routing Goblins for Gneville

Char, having teleported to Aurmax's tower in Rebelton, finds no trace of him, but does discover he has left his tower to the group of heroes he quested to find his phylactery.  Char leaves the phylactery in the laboratory and returns to Gneville in the same manner in which she departed.

Our heroes help out the gnomes of Gneville by checking out the goblin activity a year after a huge assault on the hamlet.  They are ambushed by a dozen goblins lead by several hobgoblins.  Aisha utterly demoralizes the goblins by obliterating two of the hobgoblin leaders.  In the end, four goblins are left to wander the woods, no longer a threat to Gneville.

The burgomaster of the hamlet awards the heroes richly and they then travel to Troll's Bridge to see what is what after being away for almost two months.


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Our heroes are spread out all over the keep, mainly within the library stacks and the inn.  As Elrond walks to the Stacks, he notices the sky darkening to the east.  After he enters, the darkness begins to permeate the walls of the castle.  As darkness envelopes our heroes, Aisha is dominated by Sher Baig, who has been impersonating a librarian.  In the darkness, Drow begin to strike knocking our Elrond.  Hurley is also knocked out, but Char activates her staff and transports Hurley and herself to the inn, where Hurley is revived.  There, they try to find Derras and Freya, who seem to have already been taken.  They try to find Elrond next, but he seems to have gone to the library and expects trouble of some sort.  While returning to the library Char and Hurley are attacked again and Char is knocked out this time.  Hurley manages to activate the staff and transports them to the temple of Visaria, but finds that the Drow priestess Lesamedalaquar has invaded it.  After a valiant effort to hoodwink the drow by Hurley, he finds himself dominated.

In the staging area of the castle are gathered contingents of Sher Baig's Fivtorians, Lesamedalaquar's Drow and Lotash's loyalists.  Our heroes are shackled into a prison wagon and are taken towards The Crater.  Before the decent into the ground, Elrond manages to free himself and partially free Char, but darkness makes it impossible to free anyone else.  One day the Drow appear to turn on the Lotashians and slaughter them.  The Drow decide to sell their prisoners into slavery, but they are attacked and slaughtered leaving our heroes abandoned underground.  However, less than a day goes by before a thief investigates.  After our heroes convince the crater gnome to unlock their gear, the gnome does so and decide he would rather keep it.  After a battle that that leaves Elrond and the gnome dying, Scamper manages to find the keys for the shackles on one of the dead Drow.  After quickly freeing themselves, our heroes make sure the gnome is dead and Elrond is saved.

Once our heroes are cleaned and re-equipped, Hurley pulls out his compass and finds that there is an exit from these tunnels in a different direction than from the way they entered.  After trudging throught the tunnels for about a mile, they find they are in a cave in the wall of The Crater.  After climbing onto the rim of The Crater, they realize that traveling south with bring them to Troll's Bridge.  For the rest of the day, they travel mostly south, though veering west and find the Gnomish hamlet of Gneville, who welcome them to stay as long as the wish.


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Destruction On Many Levels

The few days after the incantation, interfered with by Lotashian agents, our heroes keep busy with several tasks.

Elrond spends much of his time in the History Stacks working with Maeshieta Tr'anyra researching the ancient Regalia of the Elves. Elrond allows Maeshieta to puruse the book of the Regalia recovered from the crypt below the castle.The library buys the original after supplying a copy along with the other research material Maeshieta used to verify the validity of his knowledge and the books information.  This revealed that besides The Spire of Grayholm, the last emperor of the elves before the burial of Grayholm had another palace upon the Mount of Walls.  When The Spire was drawn into the earth, the other palace and the mountain were pummeled by meteors until only a crater remained.  Millennia later, again stands a mountain, now surrounded by the great Tanglewood, with the great metropolis of Walton at its summit, when another cataclysm exposes the crater once again.  Knowledge of an Emitae implies there may still be an underground demesne to be visited in an effort the gain more information about the regalia.

In the mean time, Lotash's phylactery needs destroying.  Aisha, Freya, Char and eventually Hurley participate in this endeavor.  Using Ran's tome graciously supplied by Char to protect the local blacksmith's anvil, Aisha and Freya proceed to destroy all but one of the available hammers in the castle.  The blacksmith, having observed the properties of the phylactery, finally provides his adamantine sledge to the pair to effect the final destruction of the phylactery.  Hurley provides his musical inspiration as well.  Aisha's swing does considerable damage to the phylactery and at the same time leaves a square impression of the phylactery on the cover of the tome.  Freya's swing  causes the phylactery to explode in a radiating spread of diamond dust that causes minor damage to all present.

Derras, while trying to figure out if Aurmax's phylactery in its current state may be valuable, meets the merchant Al Gorus.  He has information for Char from her father as well as information for Freya about Lohet, who by now is in Troll's Bridge.

With Hurley's desire to return to Troll's Bridge the appease his grandmother's ghost knowing that Manty is now in his dagger and the others now with reason to travel there as well.

Before beginning their journey, Char, having learned to comprehend Ancient Elvish, requests access to the tome Elrond recovered from the crypt.  He flatly refuses in his snobbish faerie fashion, which Char finds a betrayal of the group's cooperation (she shared her tome's most powerful property during the destruction of the phylactery) and she lashes out with magic missles of force at Elrond as just recompense for his arrogance.  Elrond wisely calls Aisha off and retreats to the other inn.


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Incantation Incorrigible

Our heroes have recovered two phylacteries from the crypts.  One belongs to Auramax the Astounding and the other to some unknown wizard.  After resting and getting a good meal, they find the wizards who will perform Mopasepti's Phylactery Incapacitator Incantation that is believed to be the best available solution to stopping Manitowoc's random world jaunting.

All are prepared for the worst as the incantation begins.  After nearly eight hours, the swirling entity that would regularly sweep Manty off to another world appears and events begin to go awry.  One of the supposed substitute incantars is caught by Elrond lifting Auramax' phylactery off of Char, but before he can stop the thief, she flings the phylactery towards the center of the circle and knocks the other phylactery out of the circle and the entity enters Auramax' phylactery, instead.  Weapons are drawn by three other assailants as a bright flash of light blinds several of our heroes.

In the ensuing melee, all but one of the assailants are killed and the phylacteries recovered.  The captive is from Feris Antandom, apparently a follower of some secret society centered on an ancient mage called Lotash whose phylactery is the one originally slated to hold Manitowoc's antagonist, trying preserve Lotash's phylactery so he may return someday to his full power.

Besides the combat, it is discovered that Manitowoc is missing and after some searching around Hurley, who is surrounded by a faint ringing sound, it is discovered that Manty has now become trapped in the heirloom entrusted to Hurley by Zenda.

Now the heroes have even more questions as they begin the search for a way to free Manty, wonder about this Society of Lotash and how to convince Zenda of Manty's fate.


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Retrieving the Phylacteries

The group is joined by two more adventurers while battling an ogre zombie.  Derras is a half-elf rogue and Freya is a dwarven fighter.  After a tense meeting of the faerie Elrond and Derras, Alora reminds the group what they are here for.

Investigating the pit, they spot six phylacteries among the bones.  Five are retrieved and of those only one is an active phylactery of some unknown lich.  The sixth is jarred loose and falls to the bottom of the pit.

Using Char's knowledge of the crypt, the group makes there way deeper into the crypt.  Escaping the clutches of the mummy of the Vulture King, they find their way to the bottom of the pit.  There they find seven phylactries.  Six of these disintegrate when tampered with, but the seventh is that of Aurmax the Astounding.

Without issue or encounter, the group returns to the castle with the two recovered phylactries and several books from the ancient library that was part of the crypt.  One of these books is likely one of Ran's spell tomes and another is an ancient Elven text referring to the artifacts Elrond is in search of.


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The group doing the research to find a solution to Manty's dilemma is joined by a catfolk and faerie.  The faerie, Elrond, is a freedom fighter from Grayholm looking for ancient elven artifacts to help fight the illithid scourge in his home.

The research having been completed, the group needs to retrieve one of the lich's phylacteries from the crypts below The Castle of the Canyon Guardian.  Char's research revealed a secret passage into the catacombs through the basement of one of the inns.  Through some subterfuge, the group enters the crypts and makes there way to the common pit where their quarry lies.  Along the way they do in an allip, a ghast and several ghouls and a spectre.


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The group enters the Castle of the Canyon Guardian and begins to get familiar with its layout.

They settle in at the Silver Griffon Inn and inquire about Manty.  The innkeeper recognizes Manty's name and indicates that he has not been at the inn in several years, but he may stay with an old friend's family that lives here in the castle.  While the innkeeper asks around and the other order dinner, Alric visits the Shrine of the Pantheon to pay his respects to Visaria.  By the time, Alric returns, the innkeeper has an address for the group to visit.

The group decides that in the morning, they will split up.  Alric and Hurley will visit Manty's friend's family, whose patriarch and Manty's friend has recently passed away.  Alora and Char will begin some research in the unparalleled libraries of the castle.  Alora will concentrate on the castle and Char on creating magical bracers.

During Alric and Hurley's visit, they discover that Manty was there the day before and that he was planning on visiting the libraries today.  At the same time, Alora and Char enter the libraries.  They ask if an old halfling has requested access to the libraries and find that an old halfling or gnome has entered.  They head toward their respective towers to do their research.  As Char is taking the passageway to the Arcana Stacks, she notices a halfling hobbling along ahead of her.  She races after him and catches him on the spiral staircase leading down to the Arcana Stacks.  It is, in fact, Manitowoc. She introduces herself and explains that Hurley is in the vicinity looking for him.  She sends a message to the head librarian to have the group meet in the Arcana Stacks.

With the arrival the group and the assembly of the sages, a massive effort to find a solution is mounted.  After a day of research by three different libraries, an incantation is discovered that should prevent any more of Manty's extra-dimensional journeys.  One issue is that the incantation needs a lich's phylactery as a component.  The group is informed by one of the sages that there are several in the crypt that match the description that Aurmax gave for his own.

The group begins preparation to enter the crypt.

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